1. Adding a new Control
To add a new control, go to the Cockpit action menu and choose "Manage Controls". Click the plus button on the bottom left to add a custom Control.

2. Setting Actions
Each Control offers 11 buttons which can have actions. The first 6 Buttons can have Titles displayed. To set an action, press the button "Set action". The Workflow Center opens up displaying the working area and the Actions Library.

3. Dragging Actions from the Library
In the Library you can find your action you like and drag it over to the Workflow Center. The Actions Library shows a description of every Action at the bottom.

You can drag as many actions as you like and rearrange it´s order to fit for your workflow.

You can also open up Automator and drag actions from the Automator Library to the Cockpit Workflow Center. You can also record workflows with automator and drag it over to Cockpit.

4. Using AppleScript or Shell Script
Most apps can be controlled via AppleScript which Cockpit supports. For this go to the Actions Library and go to "Utilities" and find the Action "Run AppleScript". Drag it over to the Workflow Center and enter the desired AppleScript. You can also add more AppleScript to one Workflow. For running Shell Scripts user the Action "Run Shell Script".

When finished with the workflow, click "Test Run" to test your workflow. Click "OK" to finish setting your Actions for the desired button.

Repeat the previous steps for all other buttons. Not all buttons have to have actions.

5. Specify Hotkeys
Every button can have a hotkey. To set Hotkeys click on the field next to "Hotkeys" and enter your desired Hotkey. Repeat this with all other buttons. Hotkeys are not required.

6. Adding a Control icon
To add a Control icon, drag an image file onto the drag area next to the Control title. You can also click the "Choose icon" button to choose an image file.

7. Naming the Control
Click on the Control title to name your Control. The Control name will show up in the Controls list in the Cockpit Controls chooser.

8. Export and share
After building your own Control you can now export your Control by clicking "Export Control".

Click Submit Controls to share your Control with other Cockpit users.